May 10, 2012

what's cookin' good lookin'

sha's kitchen-3

sha's kitchen-2

sha's kitchen-4

sha's kitchen-5

sha's kitchen-6

sha's kitchen-7

sha's kitchen-8

sha's kitchen-9

[From top to bottom: bloody mary mussels, caprese salad, seared tuna salad, lobster tail linguine, baked sea bass stuffed with lemon and parsley, kim chi udon, oxtail stew with taglietelle, open face sandwiches (smørrebrød)]

I may not have this jaunty chef hat YET to prove it but in our house I'm the designated cook, and gladly so. We often suffer from a wicked case of the munchies so I rarely remember to take proper photos before we've inhaled it all. But here it is, the (little) evidence of my cooking pursuits. My recipe inspiration and noob methods vary and a lot of the time I'm forced to improvise due to a lack of equipment. I once made carrot cake by using a tea strainer as a sieve to sift 2 cups of flour. No joke, that step alone took at least 30 minutes and I thought it was pretty damn genius at the time. Such is the life of the minimalist (or cheap/poor). Don't forget to follow me on instagram (shalai) for more photos of #shaskitchen.

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Sarah said...

It all looks so good!
Future recipe posts please?

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

So mad at you that youve never cooked for me except those pasta a la vodka, corn beef fry, cha jik fan, STEAMED canned fish from UNI~ days

Susan said...

You have a very lucky boyfriend, he better enjoys your cooking. Every dish looks finger-licking good!!!

Anonymous said...

woah this looks crazy delicious !!!! thought these were taken at restaurants initially.

HauteMangoGirl said...

all dishes look so tasty!


melody said...

wow, I love your blog! :) you and your photos are super gorgeous. I totally thought these were from restaurants too!

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