May 5, 2012

bare minimum

bare minimum-2

bare minimum-4

bare minimum-5

[COS knit, Topshop jeans, No brand leather jacket/fur vest, Dolce&Gabbana and COS chains, Mulberry Edie bag, Walter Steiger flats, Retrosuperfuture sunglasses]

If you've paid any attention to my few but existent outfit posts, you'll notice a striking resemblance each one bears to the preceding look. I have good reason for that. Moving to London temporarily meant a 25kg allowance for a four season wardrobe. Add that to my sad panda tendency towards buyers remorse, and you get a teeny tiny collection of clothes only just barely meeting the requirements for a "wardrobe". Most girls (myself included) would be all LE NO MY GOD at the thought of alternating between 4 pairs of shoes and 2 bags for more than a week. You know that 15/30 capsule wardrobe project that hit the blogosphere last month? Yeah that's me, everyday for the past 8 months. Maybe one day I'll have a color-coordinated walk-in closet big enough to house a small family, but for now I have myself a carefully curated selection of basics - just as it should be.

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Ken Wu said...

me likey!

Macy said...

oh man, your wardrobe is STILL better than mine, even with the limited amount of choices!!!

Twee said...

you're seriously rocking your capsule collection~! =)


lynnette said...

I seriously need to learn how to rock a capsule collection when I'm overseas next time. I ended up having to pay a ton for excess baggage =XXXX

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