May 20, 2012

it's a jungle out there

topshop jungle pants-10
topshop jungle pants-7
topshop jungle pants-9
"Don't squash the brownie!!!!"
topshop jungle pants-3
topshop jungle pants
topshop jungle pants-2
topshop jungle pants-5
topshop jungle pants-4
[Topshop shirt, jungle pants, necklace, No brand leather jacket, Walter Steiger shoes, COS purse]

I wore my new jungle pants to run some errands today. And by errands I mean filling the bottomless pit that is my belleh. I'm not usually into colors or prints cause I'm classic boring like that. But there's something about Topshop's "LAST CHANCE TO BUY" section that just sucks me in big time. So asian of me, not wanting to miss out on stuff. Look up kiasu on wikipedia and my mom's face should be there followed by mine and maybe d's too.
Living two minutes away from a weekend food market is the best thing ever cause it means bomb ass Argentinian steak sandwiches and fresh lemonade for Saturday lunch. Oh and I hear it's gonna be 22 degrees on Tuesday? Fck yeah.
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cavaan said...

I love this outfit! and hahaha I had no idea there was an actual word that describes that action. I'll try to use it in my vocab now!

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

1. at first i thought the brownie was that blobbie on the floor next to your feet
2. cant believe you find kiasu definition on wiki

jkess said...

where's the brownie?

jkess said...

where's the brownie?

jkess said...


Susan said...

Don't you get find for leaving the brownies on the street?

Cliff Tuna said...

You are a cool girl! I love your style! :D

Cliff Tuna said...

Hi again! I don't know why but you look Indonesian to me hehehe do you have any Indonesian descent? And oh you are a writer and PR right? I'm always curious about public relations, it must be a cool job! :D

lynnette said...

OHHH I wish I lived two minutes away from a fresh foods market!! :(((( I really want to get more fresh produce to experiment with cooking haha but it's soooo far without a car... and heavy too.

Those jungle pants are so kick ass. XD The only pair of print pants I have are polka dotted!!

Btw, you have to explain to me more about what you meant by if we stay in one place too long, we might not have remembered it the same. SIGH. It might be even better, no? :)

diana said...

love your blog. such great photos and style~
and we be asian, and so it's a visceral reaction to jump at a good sale ;p


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