September 22, 2013

chase the cool

Converse Margiela-11

Converse Margiela-10

Converse Margiela-7

Converse Margiela-6

Converse Margiela-1

Converse Margiela-5

Converse Margiela-3

Converse Margiela-2

Converse Margiela-13

Converse Margiela-12

Converse Margiela-4

[Topshop cami, T by Alexander Wang boxer shorts, Converse x Margiela Jack Purcell, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Prada backpack]

Hong Kong is currently holding its breath for super typhoon Usagi - supposedly the worst storm for us in 34 years. The weather during the days leading up to major typhoon madness is usually stifling, shoot-me-in-the-face hot. Wearing more than a tank top gets difficult, I kid you not. I put on my easiest, fuss-free outfit to take Obi to get groomed, I even considered leaving out my watch. It doesn't get any more minimal than a breezy cami and my fresh to deathhhhh Converse x Margiela. I've been wanting a pair of white Jack Purcells for a while and the fact that these pair are Margiela collabs makes it 1000000 times better. You can't go wrong with monochrome and the key to beating the heat is keeping things juuuuust slutty enough that it's still acceptable.

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September 1, 2013

crazy lazy

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-23

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-24 Phu Quoc Travel Diary-30-2

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-2

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-3

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-31

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-1

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-35

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-4

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-5

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-6

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-7

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-8

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-10

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-11

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-34

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-12

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-13

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-33

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-14

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-15

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-21

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-25

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-26

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-27

Phu Quoc Travel Diary-32

The second half of our Vietnam trip took place on the small island of Phu Quoc, a speedy 45 minute plane ride from Saigon. La Veranda Resort was pretty much the perfect backdrop for doing nothing but relaxing for 3 days straight. A French colonial style hotel set amongst super luscious gardens, there really wasn't much reason to leave this beachside la la land. I even made friends with a baby Amy by the pool, all the more reason not to leave. On our last day we managed to muster up just enough energy to venture out to the night market for an indescribably epic seafood dinner. Nice beaches, fresh seafood, spa-time and a crazy cute villa room, Phu Quoc is ideal when you're hit with a case of the lazies.

Saigon Travel Diary-9 I'm super practical when it comes to packing and I always make sure to bring the easiest, breeziest pieces I have. Here are some of my resort essentials:
1. Topshop Camisole
2. Zara never-nudes
3. Zara printed pants
4. J.Crew Liberty Print bikini top
5. Lacoste 80th Anniversary Espadrilles
MGallery La Veranda Resort
Tran Hung Dao Street
Duong Dong Beach
0 - Phu Quoc
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August 14, 2013

what the pho?

Saigon Travel Diary-1

Saigon Travel Diary-5

Saigon Travel Diary-1-2

Saigon Travel Diary-2

Saigon Travel Diary-3

Saigon Travel Diary-1-4

Saigon Travel Diary-4

Saigon Travel Diary-14

Saigon Travel Diary-6

Saigon Travel Diary-13

Saigon Travel Diary-1-5

Saigon Travel Diary-1-6

Saigon Travel Diary-8

Saigon Travel Diary-15

Saigon Travel Diary-10

Saigon Travel Diary-12

Saigon Travel Diary-17

Saigon Travel Diary-7

Saigon Travel Diary-18

Saigon Travel Diary-20

Saigon Travel Diary-22

Saigon Travel Diary-23

Saigon Travel Diary-1-3

Our second trip to Vietnam proved just as awesome as the first. Crazy good food for even crazier good value and amazing chill out spots - you really can't go wrong. We hit up Saigon for two days to pregame before some serious doing-nothingness on Phu Quoc Island. 5 meals a day and lounging by the pool singing Taylor Swift (no shame) is all I need to keep me occupied. Here are some of my Ho Chi Minh City musts:

Saigon Travel Diary-9 L'usine - Easily our favorite hang out in HCM and what seems like the only hipster cafe-store-gallery in this city, this cutie little place on the 1st floor of a sorta run-down building serves some light food, cupcakes and killer iced vietnamese coffee. Head to the store for a gander and you'll find brands like Cheap Monday, Baxter of California and local furniture/lighting brand District Eight Design.

151/1 Dong Khoi St., 1st Floor | District 1

Saigon Travel Diary-19 Pho Hoa - The best pho you'll probably eat in your life. Two bowls will almost definitely be necessary. It's kinda grimey, sorta noisy and so friggin good. Don't skip the communal lime, mint or chili because you will most definitely miss out on making your own concoction of epicness.

260C Pasteur Street

Saigon Travel Diary-16 May - This one was a first time for us, but we decided to try something new for our anniversary. It's set in a restored French colonial villa and it feels like you're eating at your super baller friend's house for dinner. It's homey Vietnamese food with a French twist and the added bonus of no MSG or added preservatives. I recommend the mushroom clay pot as an alternative to all the pho-crazy meals you would have had.

3/5 Hoang Sa | District 1

That's it! Phu Quoc Island is up next.
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