February 16, 2013

flower power BAM!

kung hei fat choi-11

kung hei fat choi-10

kung hei fat choi-9

kung hei fat choi-8

kung hei fat choi-6

kung hei fat choi-5

kung hei fat choi-3

kung hei fat choi-1

恭喜發財 (Happy Chinese New Year)!!! As per our CNY tradition, I took a gander around the flower market (twice) to try and inhale as much good luck as my bulbous nose can take and pick some pretty bloooooooooms for our house. Not sure if you can tell from the photos but the CNY flower market is packed like sardines and there is actually a walking speed limit of 5km/h. It's the only OMFG-crowded situation I will willingly place myself in, but anything to get constant whiffs of the Narcissus plants which basically smell like Tempo tissue on steroids. MMMMMmmmMMMmmmmm!

kung hei fat choi-15

kung hei fat choi-13

kung hei fat choi-18
gossiping away with superwowomg

kung hei fat choi-20

[American Apparel tee and skirt, Helmut Lang denim jacket, Prada backpack, Alexander Wang Kori shoes, Persol sunglasses]

Contrary to everyone and their mom wearing red, I spent majority of my 5 day CNY weekend wearing black (what's new). I'm pretty much addicted to this bb-sized, 20 year old Prada backpack because there's nothing better than the convenience of two fully functioning hands. I also spent my 5 day sleeping, eating mountains of turnip cake, watching mind-numbing amounts of TV and getting sucked into the black hole that is our couch.

Hope everyone has an aweeeessssome year of the snake! Eat lots, be happy lots and remember not to cut your hair or count your lai see for the first 15 days!

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Eugene said...


Sam said...

Love that first photo of you. We should get Korean bbq together again! Oh I usually stash all my lai see in a drawer and use it as emergency money!


Unknown said...

the market looks great!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone give you weird stares donning all black ensembles during this period of time? :p

melody said...

aww, yay! :) happy chinese new year! i love flower markets, and love these photos! hahaha, i never wear red during Chinese new year either, but maybe next year i will

Joy said...

happy CNY! you look very minimalist chic.

Eva Kindles said...

love your outfit..

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