March 17, 2013

the other side












I've lived in Hong Kong pretty much my entire life but it took a non-local, super-cutie to introduce me to parts of the city that I've never been to. A rainy afternoon spent exploring bookshop cafes, old-people parks and trying to mesh in with the b-ball kids, while Aimee unleashed her camera sorcery to photograph our baby expedition. I warned her that I am extremely awkward in front of the camera, instantly obvious when she asked me to pull something similar to a copper-tone baby pose, which ended up with both of us just laughing at my epic FAIL.

Our upcoming project hopefully will ensue water, rocks and a munchkin named Obi. The internetzzz is filled with weirdos and freaks but then once in a while it brings you little gems you don't know how you lived without like cantomemes, crazy cuteness and Miss Aimee Han.

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Kiki said...

Both of you are awesome.

Jane said...

It's my dream to visit your hometown <3 Great pics, this grey sweater looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great pics !!

melody said...

wow, i love these, you look beautiful! I especially like the bookstore and coffee ones

Anonymous said...

Awkward not!You look beautiful.

cavaan said...

freaking love cantomemes haha.

Denisa said...

Very nice pics. Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


I have a client who would like to work with you on advertorial. Would you be interested?
Hope to hear from you.

Mileide Almeida said...

OMG! great blog! congrats!

M said...

So lovely photo...

Unknown said...

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