January 14, 2013

the real deal

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[American Apparel lace dress, Cole Haan x Jen Brill shoes, Robert Glergerie clutch]
[Zara shirt and blazer, J.Crew wool tie, Lanvin lapel pin, Drakes silk pocket square]

There are pretty much only two occasions a year that I properly get dressed up for; our anniversary and my man's birthday. So this is what I wore to the latter. I realize that my idea of "dressed up" is probably your casual friday getup but ordinarily I never dress this fanceh. I snatched up this American Apparel lace dress at 50% off because I'm Asian and can't resist a good deal and also because it reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana FW10 (or all seasons). I paired it with my worn-to-death leather jacket to balance out the girliness. I'm not sure why I didn't get a better picture of the Cole Haan x Jen Brill shoes because the tassel laces and ox-blood red color are !!!!.

blue butcher-2

To celebrate, we hit up Blue Butcher for some real-deal steak and buttery bone marrow. I try not to post shitty photos taken in low low light, but the bone marrow is too ZOMG to ignore. Another epic meal for my epic belly but I was kind of disappointed to find out at the END of it that the waiter forgot to offer us our choice of sauces. Every little bit counts.

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Sam said...

Lol you sound like me- I rarely take photos after 6pm.... the incandescent lights ruin my nice white blog layout. And that steak looks friggin amazing- I plan to drag my dad over there next week. Do they have Béarnaise sauce? Have you tried the skirt steak from Balthazar in NY? I really miss that type of steak and sauce.

Now hungry. Should sleep.


Ps I thought you took your photos in some cha chaan teng seeing the tiled floors. hehehe.
Pps. we should meet up soon!

Anonymous said...


Twee said...

love your AA dress~!! you look gorgeous as always =)


Unknown said...

love your clutch!


Susan said...

Wow so pretty!! I love the outfit and how you pair a girly dress with leather jacket!!

Eugene said...


Anonymous said...

Oh gods, the food looks like it was really delicious. It's reminding me I should probably make dinner soon?? Sounds like you had a lovely time (:

Macy said...

YUUUUUUM. Why must you torture me so?! You look beautiful though, love the jacket with that dress.

Alviana Kalin said...

oh gosh the bone marrow looks soooo good! lovely outfit too :)


Street Fashion Paris said...

Happy Chinese New Year

Kate Christine said...

love the lace and leather combo


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