November 28, 2012

it takes two, baby

Dasein Socks SHALAI-2

Dasein Socks SHALAI-12

Dasein Socks SHALAI-5

Dasein Socks SHALAI-6
cool right-angled hair Dasein Socks SHALAI-1

Dasein Socks SHALAI-4

Dasein Socks SHALAI-3

Dasein Socks SHALAI-10

Dasein Socks SHALAI-11

[Uniqlo Thermal, Zara shorts, Da-Sein socks, Steve Madden wedges, Alexander Wang oxfords, COS beanie, Emporio Armani belt]

The awesome Jessie from Da-Sein recently sent over a yummy selection of super cute socks, just in time for Hong Kong's fail version of "fall". I knew instantly my favorite pair would be the Tessa in black - cutouts in socks? GENIUS! When worn with my black Alexander Wang Kori shoes, it gives off a funny illusion of me wearing some kind of leg straps/shinlets (do those exist?) I'm sure when paired with contrasting shoes it would look equally as cute, unfortunately being the Practical Polly I am, I own no such colorful shoes. I also love how the Kaori over-the-knee socks elongate my little legs, thanks to the bold, almost Mondrian-esque lines. It kinda has that same optical illusion effect similar to the FW12 3.1 Phillip Lim dress. Deceiving? Perhaps. Mischievous? For sure. But socks are where it's at.
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Unknown said...

love your socks! super creative!

Sandy D said...

Love the a. Wang shoes! Would you say they run true to size?

Akiko said...

I saw the photos via Instagram and had to see more of this here :) Such unique and fun socks, love it!! xo akiko
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Twee said...

these socks are AMAZING!!! you're rocking the over-the-knee =)


Unknown said...

Nice socks !
New post on my blog, check it out:

algoparaponerme said...

Really funny socks!
; )

Mi Mi Mendine said...

Loving those cut out socks! I am also in love with sock right now ;)


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Denisa said...

Very nice pics and perfect shoes. Have a nice day,

Sam said...

Ahem can I ask you what shoe size you are because I'd like to steal those Alexander Wang oxfords from you. I decided to get a pair of Philip Lims so didn't purchase those.. but they are SO COMFY. Alas they make my size 40 feet like even more ginormous than they actually are. Someone told me today "I don't think I've ever met an Asian girl with size 40 until I met you."


Anonymous said...

It sure does!

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