November 18, 2012

wouldn't it be nice

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-6

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-8

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-12
whispering our escape tactics

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-10

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-9

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-7

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-13

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-14

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-16
LOL at Pepe's face

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-18

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-17

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-19

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-11

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-20

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-3

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-1

wouldn't it be nice SHALAI-2

[Lee jacket, American Apparel tri-blend tee, Topshop Leigh jeans, TOMS shoes, Rayban sunglasses]

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friend’s house for a fancy afternoon tea party. By party I mean an intimate group of 4, plus her crazy cute baby Isabelle and Pepe the dog. An afternoon well spent fawning over her beautiful house, munching on chocolate-coated marshmallows and plotting my runway escape with dog and baby in hand. For those that don’t know, babies and dogs are the secret to happiness. That and Korean food, I kid you not.

I recently discovered this old denim jacket in my room. Probably a hand-me-down from one of the elderly Lai siblings. The denim is buttery soft and has a wear-me-now texture that makes it feel at least 10 years old. I’m really into the patches and slightly cropped/baggy fit. A perfect inter-seasons staple.

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Eugene said...

cutest baby ever

Unknown said...

lovely outfit and beautiful setting!

Sam said...

Ahhhhhh sullen baby look with chocolate all over face! Too cute. I admit, I clicked into this post via Facebook after I saw the first photo. :P


Anonymous said...

Why so adorable??
I'm not quite sure what's the cutest thing in these photos...the dessert, that baby, that dog, or YOU!
Whatever the case may be, this post is a serious awwww-inducing overload of awesomeness.
For one, those chocolate desserts have me drooling all over my keyboard right now. Can you say yummy yummy in my tummy?
For another, baby Isabelle is like the sweetest thing ever. That chocolate-covered face and that adorable little body running with Pepe! Soooooooo lovely.
Then, there's you. Girl, you never fail to impress me with how pretty and cutesy you look. Not to mention your have the skin of a super adorable baby! Seriously. Teach me your cutesy/adorable/perfect-skinned ways please? :)

Hope you're having an awesome week! <3


diana said...

Loving the photos. U captured such great moments of the baby & dog.
And cool outfit. You know the denim is good when ir gets better with age :)


Shini said...

Adorbaface! ANd I don't mean the babies or the dog, although they come pretty close

Akiko said...

Gorgeous photos and all (you, baby and dog!) look so pretty together! Love your denim jacket and such a great photo diary :) xo akiko
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