July 3, 2012

moseying over to monmouth coffee












[COS sweater, Forever21 shorts c/o superwowomg, Walter Steiger shoes, Mulberry Edie Bag]

I already know that when I leave London for good, Borough Market will be the part I miss the most. I wouldn't even be exaggerating when I say it's one of my favorite places in the WORLD. Usually packed with gluttonous fatties on the weekends (myself included) we decided to venture over there on a weekday only to find it deserted with only a handful of stalls open for business. Fail. The market was SO empty that the usual never-ending line that snakes around blocks for Monmouth Coffee was in fact absent. So despite not being a coffee person (you guys know it makes your breath smell weird, right?) it seemed like the kinda weather coffee-drinkers would have an iced latte in, so I got in on that. Coffee breath aside, an iced latte on a super sunny day make a good enough combo for me.

The lovely Christina from Lyst has done a little ditty on me as blogger of the week - yayerrrr thanks! Read it here, follow my lyst here and if you're not already on it then get lysting NOW.

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lynnette said...

OOO Monmouth Coffee. Dangs, I would so love to visit London and just go there every single week. :) How awesome it is to go to a really popular place on a day/hour that isn't teeming with people and get your usual super quickly? That's a little pleasure of life for me. :)

Cutee shoosies you've got there! And I'm so checking out this Lyst thing now.


bernita said...

dreaming about the duck sandwich from borough market..on another note, i like those shorts!

Kiki said...

OMG... It is incredible that one of my favorite bloggers says that I am one of her favorite bloggers! I am so glad!

cavaan said...

I love the shoes/everything. And once you leave London I'm going to miss it too (vicariously through you haha). xx

Anonymous said...

i love the openness and decor of the coffee shop. excited for my 1st trip to london, fast approaching! the last photo is my favorite - i can tell that the outfit moves with you well

x Peter

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

Hey nanz!! Those shorts are looking real ACE! Like Jelly Ace!

The Jason Lam said...

Stay Sippin.

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