July 9, 2012

bath time

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bath time shalai-2

I decided to educate my ignorant self (the United Kingdom does not only consist of LONDON durrrr) and hopped on a train to Bath for our weekend getaway. It was pretty much what I expected - a tiny city of movie-set architecture and Jane Eyre-esque countrysides. In line with previous Europe trips it rained like cray cray but good thing we were lying in our massage beds enjoying a is-that-it facial/massage at Champneys day spa when the pouring really started. And in true are-you-joking fashion, the weather cleared up on our last day. The rest of our time was spent wandering the city centre, exploring the Roman Baths, discovering cute little cafes and chilling in our own epic slipper bath. That's what weekends are for.

My mama forewarned me that I would be staying in a haunted cottage surrounded by endless fields, like she did 15 yeas ago. No haunted cottage, mom, but I did miss a gazillion heartbeats when I almost fell into the Roman Bath.

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denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

Of cooooooooooooooooooourse you almost fell in #whatsnew

Kit said...

Such a picturesque postcard town, I'd love to visit Bath again (that would be my 4th visit).

melody said...

I always enjoy your writing Sha, I feel like I can hear you talking! aaaah, I wish I lived in Europe these photos are amazing! Are you planning on watching the Olympics in person this summer?

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!


The Jason Lam said...

Wah, I wish it was still sweater weather here. By the way, heard crazy ghost stories from your mom already. Scaaaary. Sweet Post!

lynnette said...

LOL. Bath sounds like a ton of fun! :DD And seriously, there's something about the weather acting up just for tourists. When I was in Paris two months back it rained every day till like the last day too. PFFFT.

ayy_ayy said...

Go visit Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It has water castle named Taman Sari. It's used to be princess' bath room and it's beautiful. :)

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