June 27, 2012

London Collections: Men

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A few overdue snippets from London Men's Collections. IN LOVE with all the Prism sunglasses, I wanted to test all of them out on my peanut sized head but there were so many I didn't even know where to start. Other favorites included the I'm-so-British ties from Marwood, the classic shoes from Mr Hare, and Hannah Martin's hardcore but discreet cufflinks.

London Collections Men-7

London Collections Men-8

London Collections Men-9

London Collections Men-10

London Collections Men-11

The Xander Zhou show was a flash of voluminous shapes, tattooed boys and blurry super-sized patterns. SO flashy that the models speeded down the runway so fast that they disappeared before I could even release my finger from the shutter. Also, no matter how much I refocused my camera, it insisted to zone in on either Suzy Menkes or the GQ China team sitting on the opposite side. Camera noob aside, I managed to catch a collection resembling a bad ass (grown up) boy scout's wardrobe. Oversized silhouettes for room to grow with an emphasis on textures and billowy silk were combined with precisely cut shapes and some serious sophistication. References to the great outdoors were aplenty - from the striped tent canvas prints to the fancy collars that turned into neckerchiefs. A stellar performance for his first time outside of China. The added bonus? The zingy ginger beer pre-show cocktails. Yums.

uber thanks to The Communications Store

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