July 16, 2012

every hour happy hour

happy hour shalai-2
mojito, bloody mary, peach wine fizz

happy hour shalai-1

happy hour shalai-3

happy hour shalai-4

happy hour shalai-7

happy hour shalai-5

happy hour shalai-6

happy hour shalai-8

[Marc by Marc Jacobs tee, Urban Outfitters shorts]

The thing about happy hour at home is you can be as comfortable and whatevz as you want and instead of buy 1 get 1, it's make as many as you like! I used to be an all time mojito kind of person, but after having the best Bloody Mary of my life at Jamie's Italian I definitely have a new favorite. Accompanied by my new favorite lazy lace shorts, spicy wings and homemade guacs, it's the perfect recipe for a damn-you-rain-imma-stay-home kinda day. Even better when you finish it off with a fresh ₤4 whole mushroom pizza from Icco.

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melody said...

i love those shorts!! I need to go to urban asap! I'm such a homebody that happy hour at home (or anything at home for that matter... lol) is pretty much the best idea ever! Can't believe it's raining over there though! Having the opposite problem here- it's so hot that I can't stay indoors, maybe we really should trade ;P

Susan said...

Waaaa.....enjoying life!!!

Christian said...

I love how you look so laid-back! and I wish I could be that laid-back in Hong Kong, such a stressing city huh :(

and how cool you are the sister of Denise Lai :D I love her too!

my blog : http://www.christianyuen.blogspot.com/

greetings from hong kong.

╰╮o( ̄▽ ̄///)



diana said...

great glasses and drink choices~
cannot go wrong with wings/guac&booz combo.
nights in are always guaranteed-goodtimez.

♥ Diana

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

Excellent Excellent Excellent (know what that's from?) post nanz! Those shorts look extra slutty! Just the way sluts should be! I mean shorts...Nice tee nanz can't believe it's so perfect fit on you considering that I used to wear it all the time??? HUH??? Hair's looking good too nanz! You're coming home next week! Celebrations all around!

The Jason Lam said...

Hmmm..peach draaaaank and guac. nice sofa pose post!

lynnette said...

MMM life looks good over at your side. :) Every day there should be a mandatory happy hour.

Those shorts look great!! And so fun to lounge with some drinks and chips. XD

You're going back to HK already?? ENJOY THE REMAINDER OF LONDON!!! You'll be there for the start of the olympics eh :)

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