June 19, 2012

side stepping





[T by Alexander Wang dress worn as a top, H&M skirt, The Kooples sweater, COS chain, Random Herkimer crystal necklace, Converse hightops]

This pretty much sums up what I've been wearing everyday for the past few days; to Men's Fashion Week, to dim sum, to grocery shop, to everything. I'm sick of wearing skinny jeans and my gamz are dying to get a breath of fresh air. Since it's not exactly shorts wearing weather, a breezy maxi skirt has been the next best thing. Zero restriction and maximum mobility - just the way bottoms should be.

I've got so much fun stuff coming up, like moving house, weekend trip to Bath and Brighton, food festival and musical watching. There's so much to do in Lala Land I'm finding it hard to pack it all in to the 1 month I have left here. What to do?

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Twee said...

You look so innocent in the second last picture! Too cute =D

I wish shorts wearing weather can come sooner to Aussie land too, am not enjoying winter at all =P


denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

OMG SUMMER LAYERING.I'm so jealous nanz! I layer like never before here too but sweat like i've never sweated in my life!

Kiki said...

I like the way you dress, simple and classic!

Hong Kong now is hot enough to wear shorts but the weather is not friendly at all. Sticky! I a bit miss winter now -- able to wear few layers of clothes with sweating.

Kiki said...

Oops, I mean without sweating...

sophia said...

I am so in love with the way you put your outfits together! It's something I would gravitate towards so your outfits have been helping me put outfits together!

Keep up the excellent outfits <3


lynnette said...

I like this outfit! :) Especially with the converse high tops.

Wait, whaa? I thought you were staying on a lot longer because you guys just moved house!

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