June 4, 2012

hello sunshine

summer lovin
Love my lime COS leather purse - good for knick knacks and fits an iPhone too!

summer lovin-4
Bringing the color out with Topshop nail polish, NARS lipstick in "casablanca" and Bare Minerals blush in "flowers"

summer lovin-6 RETROSUPERFUTURE Giaguaro sunglasses (finally some awesome sunglasses for itty bitty faces) and Santorini-esque shades in my Maurie & Eve bowie shorts from Christing C.

summer lovin-11

summer lovin-8
Hey shorty - From Top to Bottom: Monki sweat shorts, Maurie & Eve Bowie shorts, Topshop black silk shorts, Zara Denim shorts, and scarf print shorts, T by Alexander Wang boxer shorts

summer lovin-3
Cooling my dinners down by making them into salads: grilled aubergine, lamb chop and quinoa

summer lovin-2

summer lovin-5
Last week I got my first glimpse of a British Summer - 27 degrees and humidity hovering around 40%. Throw in the wispy breeze and you've got the elements of a perfect Summer (damn straight, Hong Kong, get it together). As a big fat hiya sunshine! , I've busted out some of my favorite Summer essentials, including my RETROSUPERFUTURE Giaguaro sunglasses and my mini collection of shorts. Staying cool in a carpeted top-floor apartment with no aircon has been of utmost priority, especially when it comes to food - so I've resorted to adding mint to everything. There's nothing more crisp and refreshing than a minted strawberry smoothie with a splash of lemonade. Super 爽 as we like to describe it in Chinese. That and my new handy dandy desk fan, which doubles as a wind machine for when I'm feeling particularly frisky. MEOWWWWWW~

Everyone hallahz at the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee!
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Kit said...

Ahhhh your food looks amazing! You should open a private kitchen LOL.

diana said...

what a delectable lunch, and that smoothie pic is perfection. a simple post summed up into super lovely photos~

Twee said...

am not a strawberry person but the last picture makes me feel like some minty strawberry smoothie =) Loving your shorts stack too~~ =P


cavaan said...

the picture of you with clothes on your head, inspiration folder! you are so adorable. this is best. the end.

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

LOVIN' THOSE PROPS NANZ~ yah the shorts pic is the best!!!

melody said...

Gorgeous photos!! these colors are so inspiring together. my family is from hong kong.... Never been unfortunately, but I always hear about how intense and humid the summers are! No wonder why you are a pro at cooling down no matter where you are haha :)

lynnette said...

Haha I've started adding lemon juice to everything!! XD Going through a lemon phase the way you're adding mint to everything haha. Ooo I wish I could be in London now. Will you be there for the Olympics too? :)


carmen said...

hello shasha. your photos are super lovely! love all the styling and the light and errthang. yah and i agree with aimee the shorts on your head is the baaayyyst. mm and your food always looks bomb.com.

Lara Rose said...

Beautiful photos! Love your blog!

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