October 31, 2012

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Florence SHALAI-21


Florence SHALAI-28
Il Santo Bevitore

Florence SHALAI-27
Il Santo Bevitore

Florence SHALAI-26

Florence SHALAI-25

Florence SHALAI-23

Florence SHALAI-24

Florence SHALAI-22
Looking for Totoro in the Boboli Gardens

Florence SHALAI-20

Florence SHALAI-19
Fragola gelato ftw

Florence SHALAI-16

Florence SHALAI-15

Florence SHALAI-14

Florence SHALAI-13

florence 2

Florence SHALAI-11

Florence SHALAI-9

Florence SHALAI-8

Florence SHALAI-5

Florence SHALAI-2

florence 3>

Florence SHALAI-3
ooommggg a trio of frenchie babies!

Now that I'm looking back at these photos from Florence, it feels way longer than just a month ago. To be honest, I don't remember the details too clearly considering I have the memory of a 90 year old grandmama. Florence was basically a blurry combination of mind-blowing cathedrals, some dude's crazy garden, Narnia streets and worth-waiting-for food. Actually now that I think of it, our trip to Firenze was pre-dominantly eating - whether it was a scoop of gelato here and there or a badass piece of 1kg steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina). I know most people flock to Florence to see the art, but competing with must-see-everything tourists just didn't sound like the kind of holiday we wanted to be on.

A definite highlight was dinner at Il Santo Bevitore. Having tried to get a table every night for the first 3 (and failing), it was so worth the wait considering this was probably the most bombass meal of our 10-day Italy trip - thank you Luxe City Guides. Like I said, the details are fuzzy but I remember an amazing concoction of grilled octopus on a pillow of guacamole and some fruity foam. OMG.

Galavanting aside, I'm back on regular scheduled programming now which means work and weekends. While the updates are slow, follow me on instagram (shalai) for more snippets of what I'm wearing, what I'm eating and Obi's foot-pouch.

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Unknown said...

great sweater!


Jane said...

Nice pictures, lucky you ;-) I really want to explore more places in italy !!

Eugene said...


EMA said...

These are such beautiful photos and it makes me really want to travel there. Your outfits are so well put together!


lynnette said...

Lovely photos! :D I LOVE THOSE FRENCH BULLDOGS!! I seriously am considering getting either a French Bulldog or a Chow Chow next time hehehe and your dog Sumo looks so dang adorable in all those instagram photos!

Man when I visited Florence last time it was definitely lovely but I don't remember being particularly enamoured by it. Could be the fact that that was in the height of summer and I was dying half the time walking around.

Catch up soon!!

the ramonas said...

Gorgeous Photos!

Akiko said...

Amazing photos..! You captured the atmosphere perfectly. Can I ask you what camera do you use ? Great post!! xo akiko
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algoparaponerme said...

Wow Firenze is a classic. I love your sweater!

jennyha said...

where did you get those elastic booties from?

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