September 9, 2012

kill the night

Phillip Lim Kill The Night - SHALAI-2

Phillip Lim Kill The Night - SHALAI-3

Phillip Lim Kill The Night - SHALAI-4

Phillip Lim Kill The Night - SHALAI-6

Phillip Lim Kill The Night - SHALAI-5

Phillip Lim Kill The Night - SHALAI-1

To celebrate the launch of 3.1 Phillip Lim's Fall 2012, a comic book was released to highlight the collection and its badass superhero theme. Being a major Phlim fan, I was super psyched and lucky enough to be gifted Kill the Night by the always cuties Elaine for my birthday! Packed with plenty of action and well-dressed characters, it's fun going through the comic and spotting the oh-so-nonchalantly placed Pashli and 31 Hour bag and my favorite Lim pieces like the leather collars and paneled cape. Sooo good, thanks Elaine!

A quarter of a century old sounds frick old, but thankfully I am exactly where I want to be at 25 years old. I've spent a more-than-awesome year in London, I love my job (finally) and I'm surrounded by people that I just want to squeeze all the time for being so guhhmazing. Proof that doing what you love instead of what's expected of you can reap some serious rewards. If the two happen to be the same thing then you're one lucky Lucy. Enough with the cheese and wine, a big juicy....

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lynnette said...

Happy Birthdayyyyyy!! :)) It's awesome to be able to be happy with your job. Am so glad for you!! And here's wishing you a fantastic year ahead in HK too. Come SG soon!!

melody said...

Happy birthday, and welcome back!!! yay!!! :)

love the way your displayed the book-the graphics look insane- beautiful! That is so inspiring that you do what you love and not what is expected of you. I'be been torn on that issues for a while now, and it's so hard not to do what's expected of me. :T you are definitely making me want to be more brave though, maybe I'll be in your boat one day!

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