August 18, 2012

leather and layering

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-1

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-2

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-3

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-5

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-6

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-7

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-4

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-8

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-12

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-10

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-11

Ann Demeulemeester FW12-shalai-13

[Topshop maxi dress and cuff, H&M denim vest, Alexander Wang Kori shoes and Prisma clutch]

We arrived at the Ann Demeulemeester Fall Winter presentation by I.T just in time to take our seats, holler rude-nothings at friends/strangers, adjust our camera settings and then the show begun. You would've thought that the models walking at a snail-like pace would have made for easy capturing of the show, but somehow I still failed to capture any good detail shots of the ingenious black on pointy corners on black² leather layering and tdf over-the-knee boots. I'm definitely more of a warm weather Wally (durrr shorts forevz) but the collection gave me some insight into how I want to be wearing my all black everything come winter. Thanks Ann Dem, well noted!

On a side note, I've been wearing my Alexander Wang Kori shoes for 19 days straight and I think I'm gonna keep going as long as it stays ankle-baring weather. The combination of elastic, leather and a rose gold heel insert is so zomgwtfbbq, I'm obsessed. I'm even considering getting the all leather version to add to my collection of forever shoes.

Thanks to SUPERWOWOMG for my outfit shots and TOUGHLOVE for the shot of us doing our shots.

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Unknown said...

love the edgy take on the topshop maxi dress. can't believe i've only just found you blog, it's amazing :)

Kit said...

Oh Shaaaa, all the good stuff are happening in HK, why oh why?

Anonymous said...

The photo of you and your sis doing outfit shots is the best, ehehe. Hope you have a good weekend! xx

Jo N said...

Love the maxi dress.
Can't wait for topshop to arrive in Sydney!

melody said...

wow, you took these photos??? insane! I was thinking the same as you, it's so hot here so black leather is the last thing on my mind, but these photos are definitely making me rethink what I'll be wearing in the winter. you are looking beautiful as always <3

lynnette said...

Ooo nice runway shots! :D they're incredibly clear!! did you take those with the GF?? Awesome!

SIGHH as always, I'm incredibly jealz that you and your sis are into fashion stuff together! It's so great how you can help each other out with your outfit shots and go for events together. :D THUMBS UP!

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