March 26, 2012

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[The Kooples sweater, Topshop henley and shorts, Vans lo pros, Rabeanco bag, various jewelry by Dolce&Gabbana and Urban Outfitters]

The last time I had short hair there were only 150 Pokemons and scribbling all over your Jansport bag was considered sooooo cool. Those who know me IRL will know I'm the MOST unadventurous with my hair and perming it 3 years ago was considered so superwowomg for me already. I didn't realize how high maintenance short hair could be but it's a fun change, sometimes I can do nothing and it'll look cool and messy and other days I end up looking like a real deal see lai/ajumma. This particular day my hair decided go the voluminous route.

To celebrate the beginning of a proper spring, we headed out for Mexican food at Wahaca. There's nothing like some ice cold cocktails and tacos to say "HI SPRING, I MISSED YOU AND SO DID MY LEGS". It felt good to bare my midget stems because everyone knows I'm a short(s) kinda person. GET IT?

Wahaca's fun 'market-style' sharing menu and casual setting makes it a good place to go when you're craving some no-fuss weekend food. Despite the dishes coming out suspiciously fast, the lack of melted cheese on every dish suggested some level of authenticity and a refreshing departure from the usual Tex-mex (my first true love, Chipotle). I'd definitely hit up Wahaca again just for the fresh as ever fish tacos.

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Eugene said...

:O fish tacos

lynnette said...

UMMMZ!! all that mexican food looks sooo good. Which reminds me, I should totally try some funky cuisine while I'm in Montreal ;p like Lebanese food.
The first photo of you is so great!! Your bf's getting really good at photography!
Sigh, I'm jealous!! I want shorts-wearing-Spring weather too!!! The random heat wave we just had seems to be over and it's back to normal cold weather for now :((

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...


Anonymous said...

you have no idea how much i miss wahaca!!!!! arghhhhhh.
have you tried daddy donkey down leather lane market? BEST taco ever!


Hhaha thanks Sha! I love that top too but I think it's a bit too pricey for me to actually get it. If only it was on mega mega mega mega mega sale, lollll
Looooove the hair! You carry it so well! I had a bob before, loved it, but then I have really thin hair and it does not go well with wind hahaha xx

ayy_ayy said...

Wow! now every blogger has short hair... :)

ayy_ayy said...
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The Third Mind said...

Cindie just introduced me to your blog. I love it! especially your LFW outfits!

IMAGINE said...

It's raining in my mouth. And you are very cute and beautiful. I love your blog. Keep posting.

Daisy Dee said...

I love the volume of your hair. I learned from our haircutting classes that more hair volume makes it easier and gives more ways to arrange hair. You look amazing on your new do. Always be beautiful.

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