March 30, 2012

a lazy bum's beauty basics

Beauty and Le Beast-4

Beauty and Le Beast-1
From left to right: [1] Maybelline super film mascara (washes off with water) [2] Clinique Airbrush concealer (poor girl's touche eclat but just as good!) [3] Bare Minerals powder [4] Mac matte lipstick in scarlet ibis [5] Nars velvet matte lip pencil in dolce vita [6] Nars velvet matter lip pencil in pop life [7] Bare Minerals flawless face brush [8] Mac matter eyeshadow in espresso [9] Bare Escentuals brow brush [10] Mac eyebrow compact [11] Guerlain liquid eye-liner in rum chocolat [12] Chanel rouge allure velvet lipstick in la ravissante

In honor of the amazing sunlight we've been getting, I decided to play photo shoot at home to showcase my beauty essentials. All I had lying around for props was some french lavender and leaves from Brenda my basil plant.

Nars lip pencil -

I'm kind of a noob when it comes to makeup and I basically use a combination of the above, never all at once unless I'm going for this reaction. You can tell that I use my Nars dolce vita lip pencil to death because...well it's basically a nubbin now. I've only just started using the Bare Minerals blush and so far I like how sheer it is.

Clinique Concealer -

Bare Minerals Blush -

Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner -

When it comes to makeup, I could do without just about everything besides my trusty eyebrow powder and brush. They say it frames your face but for me it's probably to do with the fact that half of my brow on my right side is mysteriously missing. I believe that would be the result of some evil elves that secretly pluck them while I sleep. This Bare Escentuals brow brush is the best because it's broad and the bristles are spread out so the powder goes on sparingly. Denz sold me on this Guerlain liquid eyeliner which she swears by. Besides the nifty super thin brush, the best part is this stuff comes off with water. I'm not sure if that was their intent but it totally works to for my laziness.

beauty essentials
From left to right: [1] Chloe perfume [2] Johnson's makeup remover [3] Bumble and Bumble surf spray [4] Gatsby hairwax [5] REN rosa centifolia cleansing gel [6] REN jojoba microbead facial polish [7] Laneige water bank gel cream [8] Laneige water bank sleeping pack

In terms of skincare, I stick to the basics washing my face once at night with REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel and splash with water in the morning. I cannot emphasize how good Laneige's water bank line is for Hong Kong's sticky ass humid weather. I've been trying to find a more "natural" version of such a gel-cream and the closest I've come is Caudalie Sorbet Creme. I haven't made the jump yet because I brought endless supplies of Laneige with me to London. But anyway if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

LOOOL at half your eyebrow...actually mine is slowly whiltering away too! Must be obi trying to get a bite of those eyebrow guys
Your LE BEAUT post puts my BEAUT post to shame nanz TO SHAME!

lynnette said...

GORGEOUS little makeup editorial here! :D I love how you used the lavender and basil leaves and especially like the layout of all the makeup in that eyeliner set.

Kiki said...

Do you learn doing make-up by yourself?
I know nothing about make-up.

(´Д` )


Nice post! Totally need to learn some beauty skills from you 'cause I'm quite hopeless with it hahaha. And the elves seems to like my left brow!
You take really good pictures and I love the touch with the lavender and brazil! x


oh and yes you're right that is a Topshop knit I wear it to death too hahaha it's so good it goes with anything!! x

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