March 4, 2012

pyjama pants and carrot cake

pyjama pants and carrot cake-2

pyjama pants and carrot cake-3

pyjama pants and carrot cake-1

pyjama pants and carrot cake-4

pyjama pants and carrot cake-5

pyjama pants and carrot cake-6

pyjama pants and carrot cake-7

pyjama pants and carrot cake-8

pyjama pants and carrot cake-9

pyjama pants and carrot cake-10

pyjama pants and carrot cake-11

I'm really feeling those pyjama-esque pants that are going around these days. Perfect for lazy days and grocery runs. The silkiness makes them ideal for summer days, which isn't exactly what we're experiencing here in London but I was too excited to wear mine so I slipped them on for a food market quickie and a little jig on the streets.

I first fell in love with carrot cake after Gennie introduced it to me during our weekly rendezvous at Teany. So I decided to make my own - the result of an impulsive decision after my red velvet brownies blunder and I needed to do something with my cream cheese. It's yummier than it is presentable (no nuts yessss!), pictured here with a smoothie I made (obsessed with my new blender). I don't normally buy recipe books, I believe everything you could ever want to make is on the interwebz somewhere or in your imagination, but this book by Innocent caught my eye because of the cutie-patootie graphics. Don't forget to follow me on instagram (shalai) for more cooking shananigans!

Topshop sweater, HK leather jacket, Zara jammy pants, Cole Haan McKenzies, Mulberry Bag

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gennie said...

awwww teany!! miss going there and getting the carrot cake and how much you loved those oreo cupcakes.

Viktoria said...

i looove that outfit, but especially the pants! Great look!

Love, V.

Akiko said...

I love your style so much! The pajama pants looks great on you. You really pull it off beautifully :) xo akiko
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lynnette said...



Sophie Elizabeth said...

Love this outfit and your blog!

Floortje said...

You look great girl, the jacket is amazing!
Love your blog, keep posting!

Please check out my latest look!

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Great outfit. Love the leather jacket and the print on those pj pants.


Dark Blue Stripes

Anonymous said...

hi best friend whudaps

Federico Panarello said...

So adorable outfit...strong and cute!


Stephanie Scarpa said...

So lovely blog :)

/S / http://

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Fabulous outift! I love the chic comfy look of your pajama pants!
rolala loves

Twee said...

Amazing outfit dear~!! Love the boyfriend style pj inspired trousers~!

Your blog is simply cool! I'm now your new fan =D

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog by the way =)


denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

love that second shot nanz! you look ne sais quoi!

ayy_ayy said...

pyjama pants to fashion! cool!

i just find your blog link in parkandcube and you're adorable! :)
beg your pardon, but i'm just curious. you're face like Indonesian, aren't you? :)

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