March 19, 2012

breakfast at Bill's

Bills Covent Garden-1

Bills Covent Garden-2

Bills Covent Garden-3

Bills Covent Garden-4

Bills Covent Garden-5

Bills Covent Garden-6

Bills Covent Garden-7

Bills Covent Garden-8

Bills Covent Garden-9

Bills Covent Garden-12

Bills Covent Garden-11

In an effort to curb our gluttonous behavior, we decided to go vegetarian for the past week. After a quick google search for "vegetarian + brunch" in google, we came across Bill's in Covent Garden and made it just in time (6 minutes to spare) for the breakfast menu. Despite the line of people ascending up to the second floor seating area, we got a table within 5 minutes (winning!) and I already knew I wanted Bill's vegetarian breakfast - poached eggs, tomatoes, hummus, mushrooms and guacamole with sweet chili sauce on toast. ZZZZOMG? A mezze board of different dips and spreads served with grilled bread and an order of french toast also ensued. Needless to say, going vegetarian made little to zero impact on our attempts to eat in moderation. When you come from Hong Kong where vegetarian basically means fake anything made from tofu (gross), the variety for meat-abstainers in London is surprisingly aplenty. Meat starts again Monday.

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Kit said...

I tweeted million times about my love for Bill's in Covent Garden, it's a blogger paradise for best fresh food. You should try the Prawn balls with Mango Salad and Fish finger sandwich.......soooo YUM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These photos are an absolute delight for the eyes!

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...


lynnette said...

MMM what a great idea! :P I should go vegetarian for a few days... but then I think, MEH I want my protein!!!

ayy_ayy said...

Being vegetarian?? i really need that..

Unknown said...

Such beautiful pictures! If you fancy re-creating the Bill's vegetarian breakfast at home, check out my blog post, where i've made my own version -

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