April 28, 2014

my oh my chiang mai

Chiang Mai Photo Diary-23

Chiang Mai Photo Diary-4

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137 Pillars Chiang Mai-4

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137 Pillars Chiang Mai-7

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Chiang Mai Photo Diary-9

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Chiang Mai Photo Diary-5

For years we've kept Nha Trang on the top of our favorite holidays list, but it finally seems like we have a new winner. Chiang Mai is now our favorite destination to head to for that perfect combo of cheap food, ZOMG resorts and ELEPHANTS! The amazing March weather (sunny and 40% humidity) just made it THAT much more awesome.

We actually planned to go to Chiang Mai last year, which meant this time round I had already done all the research and knew straight up that 137 Pillars House was where we were gonna stay. We booked through The Luxe Nomad because they offer 10% off F&B and 20% of the spa ooooooomg. This cute boutique hotel fuses traditional Thai architecture with a modern edge , offering an experience that's private, luxurious and super swankeehhh. Even the entry-level Rajah Brooke suites are MASSIVE - boasting things like a king size bed, a private verandah, a roll-top bath (my faaave) and an outdoor shower because why the hell not! (Room tip: request for a higher floor for even more privacy).

We spent most of our days lazing around different areas of the hotel, hitting up the Chiang Mai South Gate food market of course, getting the shit twisted out of me at my first Thai massage and not to EVER forget, the Elephant camp. I spent some time researching ethical elephant experiences and I'm so glad I came across Elephant Nature Park. It was one of the best things I've ever experienced in my life so far, no joke, SO good that it even requires its own post. But here's a little sneaky peaky of the best day ever:

Chiang Mai Photo Diary-17

Chiang Mai Photo Diary-18

137 Pillars House
2 Soi 1, Nawatgate Road
Tambon Watgate, Muang Changmai

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Akiko said...

Such beautiful photos as always and I love love your photo diary! Chiang Mai looks like an amazing place and love to visit someday.. Hope all is good with you! p.s. I also post a photo diary from Kyoto trip. Take a look if you have time and visit Japan someday :) xo akiko
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Anonymous said...

So much good food, yummm. It sounds like you had a great time – I am actually really looking forward to this post with all the elephant photos? Having never been to an elephant camp, I can't even begin to imagine how cool that was.

lynnette said...

OHMYGOODNESS. Thai massages and elephant bums. Chiang Mai is next on my list!!

Xin said...

Love your photos!!



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