August 1, 2012



the Mole I've been accused of drawing on everyday

meat fruit with grilled bread, NOMS!

roast marrowbone with snails and pickled vegetables

cod in cider and fired mussels

look, a totoro tree!


man pose







[Topshop shift dress, Topshop Mighty boots, Mulberry Edie Bag, Super sunglasses, various bracelets by David Yurman, Pascale Monvoisin and Links of London]

For our seventh anniversary, we decided to hit up Dinner by Heston Blumenthal for lunch (harharhar), it only made sense seeing as Blumenthal literally changed the way we cook our steaks and eggs. The photos don't really do justice to how oh-my-good-god the food really was. Hyped for all the right reasons, especially the meat fruit - a ball of chicken liver pate made to look like well durrr...fruit!

The rest of the day was spent taking a gander around hyde park, ducking to avoid pigeons (as per everyday in London...) and an obligatory but totally worth it visit to the London eye at night. You have your meh days and then you have the ones that make you feel like you've made it and that day was just one of those days for me, gyuknow?

I'm really into this white shift dress, mostly because I've never really owned a shift dress and it makes me feel sooooo mod. I imagined this outfit with strappy heels or something less chunky and more minimalistic but I had to make a compromise knowing I was going to be traipsing from totoro tree to totoro tree. Practicality > form - you're welcome, feet!

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melody said...

wow, the roast marrowbone looks insane! and wow 7th anniversary! happy anniversary! love the shift dress and sights in London! :)

Eatlovemerry said...

Ah beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Your feet must be happy about it, although I think these boots work just as well with the shift dress as a slinky heel would've. Good to hear that you had such a great day, I hope your weekend was just as lovely xx

mxvhelle said...

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

cavaan said...

Woah congratulations! You look beautiful and the food looks delicious and the view looks NAWMG RUNNING OUT OF ADJECTIVES.

If you are back in HK we will probably see each other real soon... this place is too small!

Unknown said...

your blog is fantastic, i am following you with pleasure! hope u do the same?

lynnette said...

Wow, happy 7th anniversary to you guys!! :D (seriously, i wish my bf could take such nice outfit shots as yours!! ahhaha)
Practicality and comfort > form is usually the case for me too.
Mmm that restaurant sounds really awesome!! I'll definitely head there if I ever get to go to London one day X)

Unknown said...

Very beautiful photos and dress also and also happy 7th anniversary.

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