April 18, 2012

chasing the sun in nha trang

nha trang-2

nha trang-4

nha trang-3

nha trang-5

nha trang-6

nha trang-8

nha trang-9

nha trang-10

nha trang-11

nha trang-12

nha trang-7

nha trang-13

I'm not really understanding London's bipolar weather, but it's making me crave some proper sun and beachy keen heat. And what's all this hoopla about a drought? These are old photos from a trip to Nha Trang last year, which still remains as one of the most bombass holidays I've been on. An epic combination of coastal weather, 3USD pool-side cocktails, laziness and nap-inducing food. All that luxury for cheap as chips too. Nha Trang is/was at that perfect point before any sort of major gentrification or mass tourism. Accessible but quaint, makes for the perfect 4 day holiday in Southeast Asia.

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cavaan said...

This place looks so relaxing! Gah on the life-to-do list!

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

finally you post these pictures! I like that pic of you doing a little jig!

Akiko said...

Wow! Such gorgeous photos and you look amazing! I'd love to go there someday.. xo akiko
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You look so darn cute in the 3rd picture!!!!
And thanks so much for the tips coz frankly I have no idea where I'm gona go when I get there. But I probably will rent that place at Oia bahaha it looks gor-geous!



oh also, love pho to death

The Jason Lam said...

That last photo is condiment heaven. You got the hottest food photos in the game kid, keep it up!

Jesa said...


Twee said...

The food looks seriously yummzzz!!!! I love pho =P


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