January 16, 2012

breakfast date with taylor tomasi hill






Last week I tagged along with SUPERWOWOMG as part of her entourage to attend Lane Crawford’s Spring 2012 press preview with Taylor Tomasi Hill.

Being the eager beavers we are, SUPERWOWOMG and I preemptively came up with a list of questions in hopes that we’d get to actually sit down with TTH and low and behold…WE DID!!!! So, along with Carmen (How I met Your Style) and Tania (Tlikebubbletea), we talked to the super cute TTH about hot sauce, broken heels, and how Hong Kong is the bomb diggity…


Us Bloggers: Is there anything special that you collect?

Taylor Tomasi Hill: Hmm….besides shoes because what girl doesn’t collect shoes [lols]…I collect Glass bottles. I like to find them at flea markets in upstate New York and also through estate sales.

UB: Sounds like an interesting collection, why glass bottles?

TTH: I moved from a 500 sq. foot apartment into a 2000 something sq. foot with my husband so I just thought I had more room to collect and display them. Right now they’re arranged on our dining table and shelves.

UB: Sounds cute! What item in your closet would you run back for in a fire?

TTH: In my closet? Hmm…everything in there can be so materialistic. Sometimes I think we could all do without fashion…so if I could I would have to say my photos. Those are irreplaceable.

UB: Well said and so true. What is the most unusual souvenir that you’ve ever gotten on holiday?

TTH: Wow these questions are getting harder and harder, I wish you gave them to me before hand! [Lols] I’d have to say Balezian hot sauce. It’s so amazing that my husband and I have them shipped to us in crates! You have to try it.

UB: OMG! That’s so funny, it must be super yum. Has there been anything surprising about Hong Kong for you?

TTH: Yes of course! It’s kind of like California and New York in one. You guys have the best of both worlds. When I look outside my hotel I see what looks like or what I think are palm trees, then you see the mountains and it’s like I could just go for a hike right now! It’s been amazing so far I can’t wait to come back and see more of it.

UB: You should definitely come back not for work, it’s an amazing city! What was your first pair of heels?

TTH: This one’s easy. It was a pair of strappy sandals from Kors by Michael Kors. I got them when I was interning at W magazine in 2002, which I had resoled like 100 times. They were great cause I could run around the city in them.

UB: Do you still have them?

TTH: You know I get asked that a lot but at the time I didn’t really think people would be asking me to show them this broken pair of very well used heels!

UB: [Lols] That’s true. Well I think that’s it for now. Thanks so much for chatting with us!

TTH: It was so fun! You guys are all so cute!


After that was more lols, exchanging of cards and emails, a photo time which she tweeted and BAM…bff with TTH!

Thanks to Nanz for the tagalong and to Lane Crawford for letting me stay.

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